Totally Point-list: Top Ten Characters That Serve Very Little or No Real Purpose!

When a movie studio is dealing with the continuity of comic books something’s bound to get cut or change. It may get cut because it's too stupid or just plain weird, or wouldn’t translate well onto the big screen. When dealing with characters that are a whole other story. Especially given that, there are characters that are very important to a properties' history are usually re-purposed that doesn't line up with character's continuity. That’s what happened to these characters, here are ten glaring examples of our favorites minor or major characters are given very little or no purpose what so ever!

10: Gwen Stacy (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Capt. George Stacy (James Cromwell), Spider-Man 3

In the Spider-Man Comics, the Stacy’s played a very important part in the 50 plus years of his history: They suffered from a terrible case of death!

File:Gwen-miniheadshot.jpgGeorge Stacy from Spider-Man.jpg

George Stacy was a Captain in the NYC police force, that learned that Peter Paker was Spider-Man. He would tell Peter that learned his secret before died during a battle between Spidey and Doctor Octopus while saving a kid from a collapsing building.

Gwen Stacy was Peter Parker’s first love she too would later die at the hands of Green Goblin or Spider-Man (depending who you ask.) see what mean when I said they suffered from death.

File:GwenStacyBDH.jpgFile:George Stacy (Earth-96283).jpg

Movie’s Purpose: It seems that Gwen was reduced to being Eddie Brock’s girlfriend, as in Venom, and I won’t get into him here (honestly, Topher Grace as Venom, really?), and being rescued by Spidey. She was also reduced to making Mary Jane jealous for whatever reason. As for Captain Stacy, he served no real purpose, other than being there also informing Peter of who was the killer of Uncle Ben (spoiler: it was Sandman, for no real reason!). You could have changed his name and no one would have batted an eye at all.

Hell, some would say that having the Stacy's in the movie didn’t give them much to do. Two of the most important characters in the Spider-Man mythos is completely made into pointless side characters. Luckily, for the Stacy, the Amazing Spider-Man gave them more to do than being relegated to the sidelines, though they still suffer a bad case of death. As of the writing of this list, Gwen Stacy or an alternate version of her (Spider-Gwen) has returned during Spider-Man Storyline, Spider-Verse and has an ongoing series.

9. Gambit (Taylor Kitsch), X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Gambit got his start in the pages of Uncanny X-Men, has had an on again, off again relationship with Rouge, was kicked out the X-men, had a portion of his brain stem removed, then put back in, and was a Horseman of the Apocalypse. He also has made countless video game appearances and on three different times on TV, so when it came time for his big screen debut, it wasn’t what the fans wanted.

File:GambitPromoShot.jpgMovie’s Purpose: Gambit made his debut in one of the worst of the X-men movies of all time, up there with X-men: The Last Stand. Gambit’s powers were watered down; he doesn’t resemble himself in the movie. Instead of being a thief like in the comic, he’s a gambler and a pilot. He’s given his trademark trench coat and staff, but not much else. He was given a lame backstory about being a part of Weapon X program. 

Poor Taylor Kitsch, he can’t seem to catch a break, as this was his first strike, his second was Battleship, and his third John Carter (of Mars). Since Origins, the stink of this film has followed ever since.

7.  Norman Osborne(Chris Cooper), Felicia Harding (Felicity Jones),  Alistair Smythe(BJ Novak), and Paul Giomani (The Rhino), Amazing Spider-Man 2

File:New Avengers Vol. 2 -18.jpgFile:BlackCat.jpgFile:Smythe in his wheelchair.jpgRhinopreview

Okay, I'm cheating here since they're all could have had a place of their own on this list here, but I decided to go for broke. First Norman Osborne as a mention earlier was responsible for the death of Gwen Stacy, is also the evil mastermind who ran Oscorp. Black Cat was an ally to Spider-Man and sometimes booty call (post One More Day), as of Superior Spider-Man, she now out for his blood and has become a major crime boss. Alistair Smythe was the son of Spencer Smythe the creator of the Spider-Slayer, who would later take over where his father left off. And Aleksei Sytesvich, The Rhino was just a two-bit crook that Spidey would tussle with from time to time. How badly did they botch these character up on the big screen?

Norman Osborn close up TASM2Felicia HardySmytheFile:Rhino3.jpg

Movie's Purpose: Remember when I said the Spider-Man 3 was a crowded film, well Amazing Spider-Man 2 was even more crowded. Four different characters got very little screen time. Will start with Norman Osborne, as he's off'd just before his son Harry becomes the Green Goblin, guessing since he was the villain in the first Spider-Man film trilogy they decide just to put on screen for few minute then die.

Did you know that Felicia Hardy was in the movie? Yep, she's Harry's assistant for some strange reason, and so was Alistair Smythe as he was responsible for the creation of Electro and not much else. Electro doesn't try to get any type of revenge on him or anything. He just disappeared partway through the movie.

The Rhino out of the four got the most if any screen time towards the beginning and at the end, fighting Spider-Man. The film already had two villains, so his role in the movie was rendered pointless to the beginning with. In terms of their roles in the movie, they all don't bring anything to the table and just muddles down the movie.

It's a good thing Spidey is now apart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so we can finally put this mess of a movie behind us. Well, since I'm on the subject on Spider-Man, he'll be making his first Marvel Cinematic debut in Captain America: Civil War! Plus, we'll be getting a new movie next year to boot!

6. Arcee(voiced by Grey DeLisle), Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Arcee-dreamwave.jpgDon't let her pink paint job fool you, Arcee is one of the fiercest Autobot. She may not have been the first female Transformer to appear, but she has had the most appearances. She cares for her fellow Autobots and humanity, and all around bad ass. She has been countless appearances in the comics and had a bigger role in Transformers Prime. So who can totally screw this up? MICHAEL BAY THAT WHO!!

Movie's Purpose: For all the Transformers to appear in the movies, Arcee got the least screen time. Considering this Michael Bay and how he portrays women in his movies it's no surprise that Arcee really smallest amount of screen time, a good two minutes.

Seriously, just 2 f**king minutes of screen time!! It's also super confusing that according to Transformers Wiki, she was also Chromia and Elita-1, but it's unclear if they're actually a part of her or separated. Again she only has two minutes, check the video below.

However you feel about Michael Bay's Transformers, Arcee and the rest of the Transformers that ain't Optimist Prime or Bumble Bee, are fan service and not the good kind of fan service, they get no character development or a lot of screen time.

She's never really given a chance to do anything other than showing up, fight the Decepticons (or lack there of,) and get killed off that it. At the very least television has given the Transformers better treatment than the movies have. If there's any indication that they might be a part of Hasbro's Cinematic Universe, we should be very afraid?

5. John Jameson (Danial Gilian), Spider-Man 2

JohnJameson-Marvel.pngJohn Jameson is the son of Spider-Man's sometimes nemesis and Peter Parker's source of income, J. Jonah Jameson. He was introduced in the first issue of Amazing Spider-Man. John, of course, he has been around the block a few time as the Man-Wolf and became a god for a brief period of time. Was Captain America's personal pilot and dated She-Hulk. The dude is a freaking astronaut and Spidey's ally! So How do you introduce John Jameson onto the big screen? Use him to make Peter Parker jealous ... Wait, what?

Movie's Purpose: Remember when I said that in Spider-Man 3 that Gwen Stacy was just there to make Mary Jane jealous? Well, John Jameson did it first in Spider-Man 2. To make us feel bad for Peter as his high school crush was about marrying someone else! Most guys would have just moved on and found someone else, but since this was a movie, and they needed an excuse for them to get back together, for no other reason than to advance the plot!

John Jameson

You could have replaced John with any other shmuck and no one would have noticed. As I mentioned in the post earlier, Spidey is now a part of the MCU. Here hoping they give John Jameson a proper introduction than a minor plot device.

4.Steel (Shaquille O'Neil), Steel

After Superman died at the hands of Doomsday, four new Superman took his place. Eradicator, The Metropolis Kid (aka Connor Kent, aka Superboy), Cyborg Superman, and Steel, Jonh Henry Iron. I won't go into how convoluted and ridiculous the story was, besides Max Landis, explains it a lot better than I could.

John Henry Irons as Steel.jpg

After the real Superman returned from the dead, John Henry Iron would go on to his own solo series. Which proved popular enough for its own movie. Unfortunately, this came out at the worst possible time, in the 90's!

Movie's Purpose: Someone on a serious cocaine binge thought that Shaq would be perfect to play Steel because he did so well in Kazaam. Maybe it didn't help matter that writer decided to give it a generic movie plot. It also didn't help that as Steel doesn't do much in the film. Even if you swap Shaq out with a much better actor or used elements of the comic in the movie, it still wouldn't hide the fact the film sucks balls. Also of note, that is that Steel and Batman and Robin contributes to killing the Superhero movie until Blade revitalized the genre two years later.

It's been a couple of years since this movie came out and as of the writing of this list, DC comics is again rebooting its again and hopefully will give Steel another shot at a solo series. Also, since we've seen a bunch of comic book properties that are now being turned into high grossing movies and top-rated TV shows, whose to say if Steel won't pop up on a show like the Flash or in the Justice League movies.

3.Reed Richards (Miles Teller), Sue Storm (Kate Mara), Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan), Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell), Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell), Fantastic Four 2015

Regarded as Marvel's First Family, The Fantastic Four help reinvent comics in the 1960's. Stan Lee made them a family of superheroes that readers could relate to. Series introduced, the shape-shifting race of the Skrull, also reinvented Namor the Sub-Mariner, The Destroyer of Worlds, Galactic, and the most recurring villain, Victor Von Doom

Victor Von Doom was a malevolent dictator that the FF would tussle with from time to time. He was pretty much a big threat for much of the Marvel also dealing with the like of the X-Men and the Avengers. He even wielded the powers of the Beyonder to reshape reality in his image, he has pretty much been a god.

Both Doom and FF have made many Television appearances, including four tv series spanning four different decades and have been in many video games.  With all this in mind, you think that 20th Century Fox would treat the characters with some... Umm, you know what never mind you know where I going with this one.

Movie's Purpose: Say what you will about Roger Corman's FF and Tim Story's FF, at the very least those movies had a basic concept of what the team was supposed to be about, even if they were poor representations, but not as bad as the 2015 version of FF, which was probably the worst incarnation of the team so far.

The first family was now a mess of cobbled together meh, no thanks to the fact the studio and Director Josh Trake had a falling out and it shows in the second half of the movie as it felt rushed. With Miles Teller's boring Reeve Richards (as boring as you could make him,) to Kate Mara's stilted performance of Sue Storm, to Jamie Bell angsty and brooding Ben Grimm, and Michael B. Jorden's Johnny Storm was okay for the most part but it still wasn't as bad as Toby Bell's Victor Von Doom.

Doom suffer greatly in this movie, instead of being the menacing presence that he is in the comics, he is reduced to cartoonishly evil villain. Given powers that he didn't have before and since and is barely in the movie before getting his ass kicked by the team.

The film tanked at the box office, but 20th Century Fox still refuses to give the rights back to Marvel.

If you're wondering why I didn't put pictures of the new Fantastic Four and Doom in this post because even I don't wanna be associated with this movie. Instead, enjoy this video from Dorkly which shows The FF's real enemy.

2. Batgirl, Bane (Alicia Silverstone, Jeep Swenson), Batman and Robin

Though Barbara Gordon made her first appearance on the Campy TV series Batman in 1966, she would make her way to the comics until a year later. Batgirl is one of comic-dom most popular female super-heroine. She has made many TV appearances as well video games.

Bane made his first appeared in pages of Batman: Vengeance of Bane in 1993 as well as taking Batman out by breaking his back and fans of the character being stuck with a new, more intense Batman for the better part of a year or so. Because the 90's!

Both would finally make their way to the big screen, and it wasn't pretty!

Movie's Purpose: Barbara Gordon became Barbara Wilson, Alfred's niece from England. Lacking a British accent, was blond and was a college student, granted Silverstone was a high school student in Clueless two years prior to this, but still. For whatever reason, the screenwriters decided to not make her blood related to Alfred instead making him a good friend of her mother, Peggy. After a series of convoluted event in the movie that leads her to the Batcave, to become Batgirl. Oh and Alfred became Max Headroom for some strange reason (don't ask!)

Meanwhile, poor Bane was reduced to being Poison Ivy's henchman. He wasn't the cunning, roided out super criminal that took out Batman.

 Of course, that's the least of the film's problems. With Robin being a complete twerp despite the fact he was like 20 something, Batman being George Cooney, and Mr. Freeze, and his ridiculous ice puns.

Bane would show up again in the Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises and as for Barbara, she hasn't been seen since the short-lived Birds of Prey as Oracle. Though Barbara has popped up as recently as in Batman: The Killing Joke and as a DLC character for Injustice, but people would love to see her on TV. Here hoping she shows up in on maybe The Flash or Supergirl at some point?

1. Jonathan and Martha Kent (Kevin Costner, Diana Lane), Man of Steel

Jonathan and Martha have always instilled their adopted son with a strong sense of knowing right and wrong and to use his powers for the betterment of mankind, no matter which incarnation.

They first introduced as a couple of passing motorist that discovered Clark as a baby. In the later incarnation of them are always portrayed as a middle-aged or older couple always there to support their adopted son. So can someone tell who the hell are both Diana Lane and Kevin Costner suppose to be because they were not the Kents!

Movie's Purpose: Man of Steel is not a fun movie, it boring as hell and treat its supporting characters like crap and don't give them much to do. The Kents suffer the most in Zach Snyder snoozefest if Jonathan isn't busy being a jerk and telling Clark to let a bunch of his classmates die so that he could keep his powers a secret, he's telling him that is it's his destiny to help other. Before telling later telling Clark to not to save him from a tornado. Martha, on the other hand, stands around and playing the damsel in distress. Okay to be fair, she does have a few tender moments with Clark, but that was about it.

They pretty much bastardized Ma and Pa Kents, they aren't the Kents, just a half-assed idea that the screenwriters thought that they would be like in an otherwise dark and brooding movie. Hoping in the future after Zack Synder's take on the DCEU will probably lead to a soft reboot, The Kents' will act like the moral, upstanding people that they are and have always been.