Randomness: Nostalgia Critic

Since I'm getting back into this blog, I'm going to posting random stuff like this from time to time. So first up is the Nostalgia Critic. Doug Walker's most popular character has returned after its replacement Demo Reel was met with some harsh criticism. At first, Boldly Flee was suppose to be the Critic's last as he gave himself to the plot hole in That Guy With the Glasses' anniversary movie. Here's a link the first part of  To Boldly Flee, here.

[Update: As of 2015, That Guy With The Glasses, is now Channel Awesome.com.]

[Update: As of Aug. 20, BlipTv.com has ceased after Maker Studio acquire them, most if not all the videos on that site have gone other video uploading sites like YouTube.]

So a  recon later....

The Nostalgia Critic is back, with The Odd Life of Timothy Green!