Well... The VGAs Happened but I don't care!

VGA 2011 happened over the weekend, but you know what? The only thing I care about is some of the games that were announced at the event, but if ya want my opinion on the event it was... Meh!

First up is a new preview for Bioshock: Infinite using in-game footage, I enjoyed the last two Bioshock game and after seeing this, I can't wait to play this one as well.

[Update: I played it and I loved it!]


Next is the video, a preview for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Patriots. It been awhile since I played anything Tom Clancy, the last game I played was Ghost Recon: Advance Warfighter 2. Judging by the footage shown, it looks like Fox News is going to have a field day with this one when it come out 2013.

[Update: It was canceled! It will be replaced with Rainbow Six: Siege instead ]


Next, is a preview for the Amazing Spider-Man video game, of course this one I'm having my doubts about. Because it's coming out around the same time as the movie and we all know how movie tie-in games work, not well, but I will give this a shadow of the doubt anyway.

Here's another Diablo III cinematic from those co*k teases over at Blizzard. Seriously, still waiting for a release date dammit!

[ Update: As of 2012 the game was released but plague with problems. Such always online and bugs and glitches. The game later came out on Consoles about two years after the PC release.]

Here's a preview I know my cousin Tisha would like, Bioware revealed a exclusive trailer for VGA's.

Epic's next upcoming title Fortnite. It looks like you'll be gathering resources during the day and defining your fort at night like Minecaft some are saying. I would know.