Here It Is Folks, My Thoughts on the Street Fighter!

*Warning, though I don't spoil anything here, I must advise you to see the first five episodes of the Street Fighter first before you read this.

Here or on my past five post.

I must say, I actually enjoyed this one. Taking video games and mixing it with drama is a huge risk that I would like to see more of. Stories with heart in them, may it be with video games or with anything geek related. The Street Fighter shows that it is possible to do something high brow and people with stand up and take notice. I should have commented sooner on this, but I wanted to watch all the episode before I said anything. If there is a few small gripes, the ending feels a bit rushed and few of the episode were short, other than that the series was a great.

 I hope in the future that more people take risk like this and that the Game Station makes more of the Street Fighter and others like it. My hat off to them.