Web Comic Spotlight: Spinerette

This Web Comic I discovered from the same list I found Menage a 3 on Ugo.Com. Here's the info on the comic that I got from another site:  

Mild-mannered lab assistant Heather Brown was forced to clean up the lab by her boss one night when, due to a Freak Lab Accident with a genetic infusion chamber, Heather gained the powers of a spider, including superstrength, shooting web out of her lower back (not her butt), and most prominently four extra arms. With these powers Heather decides to fight the forces of evil as the costumed superhero Spinnerette, while hiding her secret identity (and extra arms) from the citizens of Columbus, Ohio.


Spinnerette is largely an Affectionate Parody of Superhero stories (most prominently Spider-Man, of course), showing Heather's forays into the world of superheroism and the many problems that can come with it. Humor is largely derived from Heather jumping headfirst into superheroics without any forethought, and the problems that causes. But it's an upbeat comic— Heather's many troubles never get her down (From TV Tropes.com)

Spinnerette is really good web comic, it fun and enjoyable  the manga style in the comic is on par with a lot mainstream comics and the cast of characters are likable and colorful and you get a feel for them. If you want to read Spinnerette go to krakowstudios.com/spinnerette


There a lot of Fan service in this comic that put it up there with most Mangas. Just thought I add that. Sorry forgot to mention that part.

:::Update #2:::
As this was written way back in 2011, the comic's address has changed, it is now spinnyverse.com and is now apart of the Hive Network of web comics