Randomness: Something for the Zelda Fans!

Here is a video that I found over the summer about the complex and confusing history of the Legend of Zelda with this mash up of Back to the Future. This kind of left me a bit more confused than before I watched, anyway it's hilarious.

Actually this is interesting considering that Skyward Sword is coming out, so this is the perfect for the Zelda fans to watch this video, it might get you geared for the new game which will be out Nov. 20. Also remember the CD-i game don't count. :)

Here's another video from the guys at Underbelly Show, where Frank explains how ridiculous some of the games get. Also, at the very end of the video check out Frank proposing to his girlfriend and you can interact to see if she say did or didn't said Yes. I won't spoil it for you, so check it out.