Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Randomness: Mash-Ups

Like Chocolate and Peanut butter, two great taste that go together...

This is from James Farr, who also did this really cool Doctor Who and Back To The Future Mash up too!

This the second BTTF mash-up in a year or so, the first being the one where it was mashed up with Zelda, which can be found it the achieve of this blog. Check that one out too!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Friday Randomness: Nostalgia Critic

Since I'm getting back in to this blog, I'm going to posting random stuff like this from time to time. So first up is the Nostalgia Critic. Doug Walker's most popular character has returned, after it replacement Demo Reel was met with some harsh criticism. At first Boldly Flee was suppose to be the Critic's last as gave himself to the plot hole in That Guy With the Glasses' anniversary movie. Here's a link the first part of  To Boldly Flee , here.

So a  recon later....

The Nostalgia Critic is back, with The Odd Life of Timothy Green!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Wow, I Haven't Post In Awhile!

Hi everyone, sorry for the long absents, first of all I know it been a full year since my last post. I got a bit lazy and for some reason didn't want to do it this anymore, but after one of my old classmate, she talked me outta killing the blog. So thank her for that. Anyway, this isn't a official since I missed the whole year. So for today, I'm just going to running what happen this pass year give my thought. Also I know it's 2013, so forgive me, better late then never.

 George Lucas says no more Star Wars, after selling it to Disney for 4 billion dollar!

Mr. Lucas will now focus on passion project that interest him.
Yep, the House of Mouse is now the proud owner of the Lucasfilms which includes Indiana Jones after Lucas announced back in February that he would no longer work on the franchise. Great news for fanboys who felt Lucas lost his way after the debacle that was the prequels. So far amid wild speculation and rumors, a new writers were announced, but no new director as of yet. Expect Star Wars Episode VII out in 2015.

This a great, I felt the prequels were boring when Lucas was writing and directing it, now that the franchise is out of  Lucas' hands maybe we can get back what the original trilogy fun and exciting and since we're the subject can we please get the original trilogy on Blu-Ray, with Han shooting first?

[Update: Since I started writing this back around Christmas, when this was suppose to go out, J.J. Abrams was announced as director, making this one degree of separation to Star Trek, speaking of which is coming  out on May 17. As I'm a fan of both Star Wars and Trek it will be interesting to see how Abrams will do with the franchise as he did an amazing job on Star Trek and can't wait to see the sequel In To The Darkness. Hopefully with no lens flares, which was overkill. Here a trailer for Star Trek: In The Darkness, just case don't know what Mr. Abrams would bring to the table.]

G4 no more!

Back in October, it was announced that G4TV was canceling there long running shows Attack of the Show and X-Play and the network will be re-banding itself as the Esquire Channel in early 2013. Earlier back in April, Adam Sessler left the network after 14 years with Kevin Pereria fallowing a month later (Mmm, something was a foot at G4TV and it wasn't good.)

I wasn't too happy when they got dropped from DirecTV back in 2010, but G4 became less valued in the years that it was on the air, no thanks to the fact that it was become more or less the Cops and Cheaters channel even though they did had some good show in the beginning and some anime, but as the years went on they kept changing it up until they were so far removed from what it was, which was gaming, tech, and internet culture.

I will missed X-Play, the most as that was the show. I will miss Morgan Webb and Blair Herder as they tried to continue on without Adam Sessler as I mention earlier on had left the show. X-Play was the one show where I got most if not all the game that sit proudly on my self at this moment was because of the show.

AOTS I will probably miss the least since Kevin Pereria left, the show felt flat and lifeless, but kept watching for... I don't know why I kept watching, maybe out of obligation or that it came on after X-Play? Either way I still watched it. Even after the rise of the YouTube and sites like So whatever the case, behind the scenes drama, broadcasting rights, whatever.

For me I will miss there coverage of E3, PAX, and Comic Con. As we are an internet culture that can not get own information at click of a button, but the writing was on the wall for them. X-Play will have on my show and they promise they are going out with a bang. This network is also gave us Ninja Warrior, what will become the show now that G4 changing it's format? G4TV despite all your haters, you will be missed.  

Also good news for anyone that is a fans of Adam Sessler as he found a new home at Revision 3. Check out this video of his first day.

The Avengers made over 300 Billion worldwide!

I KNOW RIGHT!!! Making more than over 300 billion dollar worldwide for a franchise that was five years in the making is very impressive.  The film was amazing and can wait for the sequel, each character got to shine, the ending was funny (the second one, which is a call back to what Ironman say about wanting earlier on.) Also I went to see the Dark Knight Rises and it was also quite amazing. Speak of amazing, I finally saw Amazing Spider-Man on Blu-Ray not too long ago, it wasn't as too bad and it might have improved a bit over the 2002 version. I will admit, it would have been nice to see Spidey crossover with other superheroes in the Marvel movie universe, but as for legal reason (or Sony flat out rebooting it to keep the movie right a bit longer, jerks!) Ted wasn't a bad movie, it just seem to come out no where as it was funniest movie of the summer (probably because Paramount pushed back the release of GI Joe Retaliation to March 29th of this year, so they could covert it to 3-D.)

In that time span after the film's success, it was announced that Warner Bros. would also be releasing the Justice League movie in 2015 about the same time as the Avengers sequel is coming out. How is this going to work? It took Marvel five movie to set it up, and now the WB wants to put out the Justice League movie when the only superheroes they bank on is Superman and Batman (well Batman more then Superman.) Don't get me wrong, I'm fan of the Marvel U. though, but I always had a soft spot for the DCU superheroes as well.

We all seen the Catwoman movie, it sucked. Jonah Hex (though to be fair I didn't see it because of a review of it I saw of it,) it sucked and the Green Lantern movie, well... You know, it sucked hard! Time will tell if the Warner Bros. can pull off this? Only time will tell.

I Still Haven't Beaten Skyrim!!

I haven't beaten Skyrim or Fallout: New Vegas, I been lazy I will revisit in the future, but I have played and beaten Batman: Arkham Asylum and City back to back, the one thing that was hard for me at first was Riddle Trophies in Batman: Arkham City, after I figure them out (with the help of the internet.)

I also found two interesting video games on Xbox Live, Cthulu Saves The World and Breath Of Death VII: The Beginning, both game are throw backs two RPGs of the 8 and 16 bit era with tons references video games, which I love.

So that all I can muster for the moment sorry for the year long absents, I just got away from it and hope to post more in the future.

Nerdy Will

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An Update From The Front Desk Of The Station Master

I not going to post anything special today, but I'll give you all an update of what's going on.

I'm going to do a top eight list that I will post in the near-future, why eight instead of ten, well... It just me and eight is the only thing I can muster up at the moment.

After Monday Nights BCS Championship, I'm still on a high after watching Alabama(21) completely destroy LSU(0), and providing the very first shut out in BCS history. "Roll Tide!"

A new Web Comic Spotlight is coming soon, hopefully after I'm done reading this one that has a least 7 years worth of comics that I will need to read give before I can give any thoughts on it.

Been playing Skyrim as well as Super Meat Boy since Christmas. A lot more of  Skyrim then Super Meat Boy. I also got Fallout: New Vegas and few other games, but as I said I been playing Skyrim, the Dragon Born's work is never done.

Okay that all for now, if anybody would like to make any suggestions, email at 

"Well, that is all!"

Friday, December 30, 2011

Here It Folk, My Thoughts on the Street Fighter!

*Warning, though I don't spoil anything here, I must advise you to see the first five episodes of the Street Fighter first before you read this.

Here or on my past five post.

I must say, I actually enjoyed this one. Taking video games and mixing it with drama is a huge risk that I would like to see more of. Stories with heart in them, may it be with video games or with anything geek related. The Street Fighter shows that it is possible to do something high brow and people with stand up and take notice. I should have commented sooner on this, but I wanted to watch all the episode before I said anything. If there is a few small gripes, the ending feels a bit rushed and few of the episode were short, other than that the series was a great.

 I hope in the future that more people take risk like this and that the Game Station makes more of the Street Fighter and others like it. My hat off to them.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Street Fighter Episode 5, Here Now!!

Here 's episode 5 of The Game Station's The Street Fighter. Will Phil take that Job in Detroit or will he go to the Tournament in Bakersfield? And is Julie such a b*tch?


Friday, December 23, 2011